Jewelry Designer in Houston Texas

Jewelry crafted from recycled metals, packaged in sustainable natural elements.


Women’s Collection

We want to help accentuate your natural glow with some sparkle and fire from our women’s line, offering hand-selected diamonds and precious gemstones.

Representing pieces that are practical and have a beauty that was drawn by nature but inspired by adventure. If you want a feel for the organic nature of design look no further than our women’s line.

Men’s Collection

Inspired for adventure with an outward expression of self. As you venture off into the wild wonderful world, we have surrounding us why not wear a piece of San Luxe jewelry from our Men’s line.

Items represent the fluidity of self-expression and not solely to fit within the confines of man or woman.

Custom Jewelry

If you’re interested in something extra special that is not currently offered on our website, send us your ideas and we will help bring them to life. When you reach out to us, we ask that you provide some ideas or inspiration, a budget, and a timeline so we can better serve you.

Custom designs starting at $500. Final price will be determined after final input by the customer for the metal and if applicable, stones that will be used in your piece.

About Us

San Luxe was founded originally as a creative outlet while pursuing a career in medicine. After some defining moments in life it was time to look beyond a career in the medical field and establish a lifestyle that is more conducive to spending quality time with my family.

It is now with great pleasure that I get to share with you some of the pieces that have been inspired by my surroundings on this journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

I hope that you enjoy the collection that I have handcrafted or ethically sourced as much as I have had the pleasure creating items that provide an outlook to forging my path into the arts but never forgetting my background in science.

Samuel Leake

Creative Inspiration

Our creative inspirations stem from the Renaissance where a fusion of two seemingly different mediums come together through art and science to try to explain our history, surroundings, but pushing forward with innovation. You will see this inspiration come to life by celebrating the mysteries of nature’s history with the integration of natural relics, such as fossils, in our jewelry.

We try to unlock the science behind our hand selected natural elements whether it is through the education of how trace elements of copper provide the green pigment in malachite or that the specks of gold flakes in lapis lazuli are actually pyrite. Using similar techniques that originated in 4000 BC from the Chalcolithioc period, or better known as the Copper Age, we bring to you jewelry created using some modern tools, we pay homage to a very ancient process.

We can’t wait to share with you our love for creating something special with a nod to nature and our past. I invite you on our adventure.

Sustainable Jewelry

At San Luxe we are proud of our roots and extend every effort to reduce waste while handcrafting our collections.

Our packaging inserts are thoughtfully constructed to limit waste and in some cases are integrated back into another element in your San Luxe experience. All of our precious metals are recycled and not the result of mining.

Committing to sustainable natural elements will allow future generations to enjoy the world around them, where at San Luxe, we find our inspiration.


Let's create something special.

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